Axium MTech and Cedic advance in the Medical Supply Chain Integration thanks to the ComplEtE® solution of DGS.

From demand forecasting to production optimization, Axium MTech and Cedic companies are setting new standards of efficiency with ComplEtE®, the End-To-End solution to better manage demand, inventory, production and data collection.

Axium MTech SA and its subsidiary Cedic s.r.l. have more than 50 years of experience in the production and distribution of medical device components and finished products in more than 40 countries. Expertise encompassing conceptualization, development, manufacturing, testing, marketing, sales and distribution, combined with state-of-the-art automation and active collaboration with AAMI and ISO organizations for standards development, make them preferred suppliers for major industry players.

Headquartered in Nyon, Switzerland, and with two production sites in Italy, Axium MTech and Cedic have ISO-certified facilities that are regularly and successfully audited by the FDA and other government institutions. The certified team for regulatory and compliance ensures attention to quality at the manufacturing plants in Europe.

Axium and Cedic installed the entire ComplEtE® solution, which includes Demand Management, Inventory Management, Advanced Planning System, Operations Scheduling, and MOM, including machine integration.

Initially, the project involved the implementation of the Demand and Inventory Management modules in Axium in order to determine more accurately the demand of the various markets and restore the correct level of inventory at the warehouse in Germany, which is intended to serve the various markets around the world.

Next, Advanced Planning and Scheduling modules were implemented at Cedic’s assembly plant to monitor the company’s production capacity, according to demand, while optimizing in parallel the production plan with the goal of reducing the delivery lead-time, the frozen period and the component warehouse. The process also involves the planning and scheduling of the production lines of its contractors.

Upon completion of the project, the implementation of the Advanced Planning, Scheduling and MOM solution is also planned at the new Mirandola plant, where plastic components are produced by hot stamping which will then be assembled in the Milan plant. This further integration represents the final step towards having the entire Supply Chain of the two companies integrated, from the production of raw materials to the sale of the finished product to customers, thanks to ComplEtE®, a truly End-to-End solution.

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Jan 25 2024