When the industry meets the innovation: SIGIT redesign the factory process and the supply chain with DGS

In 2020 the SIGIT Group, operating in the Automotive industry, chooses DGS as partner and ComplETE® platform to face its challenge: to provide to plant managers and company management a useful tool to improve both production and value chain management processes.

DGS promptly took up the challenge and, thanks to the modern technology behind its product ComplEtE®, it has been able to quickly customise a vertical solution fitted on needs and issues of the sector where SIGIT acts: the processing of plastics by injection one. Planning logics and production progress problems, although similar to those found in other sectors, have specificities which, if properly managed, make the difference.


Read the full article on Industry4Business: CLICCA QUI

The event is finished.


Feb 17 2022
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