Decathlon Produzione Italia choses DGS to plan and synchronize its suppliers’ deliveries with ComplEtE® Suite

Decathlon Produzione Italia S.r.l. choses to integrate DGS’s ComplEtE® Suite to plan internal production, synchronize the supply chain, and gain End to End visibility across the entire value chain.

The project of planning deliveries and components procurement in Decathlon Produzione Italia involves in this first phase the Italian production office that manages many categories of products, entrusting their production to external suppliers dedicated or not to the sector.

ComplEtE® is operational in the planning of all processes (Bike, Seamless, Textile…). The implemented solution consists of a finite capacity MPS/MRP planning of finished products, integrated with that of components procurement.

Within the ComplEtE® framework, all the information previously managed by three different systems is combined: Sap’s APO, internal legacy, and the supplier portal. It is also enhanced by a scalable capacitive model and a real multi-scenario simulation environment that can support more flexible and informed decision-making.

Thanks to ComplEtE® Suite, Decathlon Produzione Italia can have a management solution verticalized on its specific needs, able to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its business processes, reduce costs and improve quality service.

The event is finished.


Nov 29 2021
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